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International AR News letter May 2006

Get The Essential Expert or Beginner Adventure Racing Advice To Help You Enjoy Racing In The Shortest Possible Time.


              15/5/2006 -- Issue 3

In This Issue:   

   1. Major Race Results  

   2. Racing tips

   3. Towing System 

   4. Tell Us What You Think!


================ FEATURE EDITORIAL =============

(1) Major race results



The Mighty Mo adventure race was staged earlier this month in the USA. This new  race which may become an annual event was held in the Ozark mountains Missouri and covered some 320 kilometres in 4-5 days, The race included a number of teams who will be competing in the Primal Quest and at stake was a paid entry to the Primal Quest. The top teams took a little time to get to the top of the leader board. Team Nike made a number of errors during the race including not having climbing gear for the ropes section, however they eventually finished  in first place 4 hours ahead of Team Silly Rabbits who had lost 40 minutes during the race helping a car accident. One part of the race included a white-water section graded 3-4 where teams were given the option of continuing in during a dark zone provided they portaged the rapids, some teams waited up to seven hours rather than struggling with boats in the darkness. The highlight of the race was a section of single track during a mountain bike stage 140 k, which caused a number of teams problems with puncture, broken/bent  rear hangers and bike chains. Several teams picked up needless penalties for missing gear or not reaching all checkpoints.  The two top teams will face each other again in the Raid world series which will be reported on next month



The final qualifying race for the AR World  Championships is the Wilderness ARC which will be held in Scotland at the end of this  month. 


News from South Africa is that the Bull of Africa expedition race due to be held at the end of the month has been cancelled. this is the second time a planned race in the IAR series has been cancelled in this region.


More News on this and other races in next issue

Mid June.



2) Racing Tips



Team work plays a vital part in the success or failure of any team many novice racers find themselves in situations in which they have never been before. I heard recently of a race where two novices were paired with two experienced racers, the tow novices had never mountain biked before so when presented with steep climbs, docents and rough ground they got off and walked. As the race progressed their more experienced team mates rather than curse and swear at losing time, worked with the novices showing them how to tackle the terrain and by picking easier lines the team speeded up with the whole team riding section which at the start the novices had walked.


Further tips ad advice are available in my newly published A-Z of Adventure Racing

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3) Towing system


Adventure Racing Tow system from We Go Team Link, can be used for walking/ trekking and running stages of adventure races. The system can be ordered as a complete set or individual components.

The system has been tested under race conditions with the following conclusions

Towing system allowed the team to maintain a higher speed by assisting a member who is slower at an activity.
Both people took the role of tower during the event. In one case, a pair of people took on both roles with each other We conclude that the usefulness of this system is not limited to a "stronger" and a "weaker" person, but that in different circumstances or activities, an individual might take on either role, even within one team.
Test result (4) confirmed what I had assumed but not yet directly observed: that the team link allows the tower to exercise to exhaustion by imparting towing force to the towee.

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3) Tell Us What You Think!



We would love to hear what you think of this issue of International AR Newsletter. And of course, if you have any suggestions for upcoming issues that you'd like to share with us, please send those, too! Just e-mail me at: Contact International Adventurers




David is a Master Adventure Racer and manages and races, reports on races from around the worldPict: David Ogden International Adventurers

and has published  an e-book  A-Z of Adventure Racing.


How to have fun, keep fit and travel the world, whilst expedition adventure racing. It's not the winning its the taking part and you can do it too.


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