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International AR News letter Mar 2006

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              16/3/2006 -- Issue 2

In This Issue:   

   1. Major Race Results  

   2. New Race and training clothing

   3. Free Body Mass Calculator 

   4. Tell Us What You Think!


================ FEATURE EDITORIAL =============

(1) Major race results



The Patagonia Expedition race proved to be a tough opener for the teams that took part and also for the organisers, strong winds wreaked havoc and forced many course changes and most of the sea kayaking was cancelled with teams being transported by boat and vehicle. The experienced Spanish team  Buff were the clear winners after nine days of racing through desolate countryside at the tip of the world, Canadian team Alberta Adventure Racing came in second and third place was taken by Feed the Machine/Ibex from the USA. Fourteen teams had been expected to race but only five teams reached the start and two of these failed to finish due to injuries.


The first two world series events, the XPD in Tasmania and the Bergerson Winter Challenge in Poland have also finished. 


The XPD attracted some 43 teams who competed over a mammoth 650k course that finished in Hobart Harbour. Local Favourites Aroc Mountain Designs blitzed the course and finished in just under 4 days and 22hours. In second place were Orion Adventure from New Zealand and Discovery Powered by Velvet a mixed team in  third place. 32 teams officially completed the course with the final team finishing in 9 days 14 hours. A further ten teams continued unranked due to injured team members and one team retired.



The Bergerson Winter challenge attracted 60 pairs for its 40 hour speed race. The 400k course for Masters was made up of a number of loops so that in the event of bad weather teams could reach safety quickly but the cold winter conditions took their toll and only three teams out of fifteen completed the full course lead by Nordic Fitness from Finland, who together with Polish team Salomon Navigator are now qualified for the final in Sweden during August. The course included finding checkpoints in an  abandoned mine and special ropes events dotted around the course. Teams had to contend with deep snow during trekking requiring snow shoes and skiing and mountain biking on rutted surfaces.


The Annual 5 day Coast to Coast Challenge was held last month in Costa Rica with three local teams dominating the results ahead of two American teams some nine hours behind. and then a gap to another local team. One American failed to meet the cutoff for a jungle trek and were allowed to continue unranked having cycled around the stage.The sole British

withdrew during this stage with one of the team suffering a swollen knee.


There is not much racing going on in the winter months, however a race in South Africa at the beginning of March proved that even a sprint race can be challenging. The Hikers Paradise Dark zone race is an annual race that starts at night and  usually completed in around six to seven hours for a 60K route. This year saw the teams struggling on their mountain bikes, carrying life jacket and tubes whilst riding into strong winds which caused many crashes. After Tubing and swimming a dam with bikes the teams reached the only supported TA faced with 15K of bushwhacking which they expected to take a few hours. Paths were overgrown and this leg alone took six hours due to high Elephant grass and rock strewn hillsides. The race was eventually one by team Poweraid Cyanosis,who also went on to represent South Africa in the XPD.  



The first of three Adventure X races kicks off in Australia next week and home team Aroc, fresh from their victory in XPD will be looking to mix it with other teams such as Sport2000 La Fumar from France Saab Salomon from the UK and Polish Team Speleo Salomon who dropped out of the Bergerson winter challenge on the penultimate day, having won the event in 2005.  



More News on this and other races in next issue

Mid April.



2) New Race and training clothing line launched



Lynx Jacket PictureHow often have you been out training at dusk or dawn or even during daylight on the road and not been spotted by motorists, well now a new line of breathable clothing has been launched which is impregnated with illumiNITE. Runners World has recognised the clothing  as a major contribution to the safety of Athletes, now you seen, without having to wear bibs and strips on your clothing. Click here to learn More







3) Free Body Mass Calculator



Your BMI or Body Mass Index calculator can act as a guide, to ensure that you are within recognised weight limit to enjoy adventure racing, the graph output not only shows your ideal weight but also allows for the fact that as you replace fat with muscle which is heavier that you still are within optimal limits. So long as you remain in the normal band you will be able to enjoy the sport, if you are out with the normal bands please consult a doctor before taking part in serious sport. Download Your Free BMI Calculator Here



3) Tell Us What You Think!



We would love to hear what you think of this issue of International AR Newsletter. And of course, if you have any suggestions for upcoming issues that you'd like to share with us, please send those, too! Just e-mail me at: Contact International Adventurers




David is a Master Adventure Racer and manages and races, reports on races from around the worldPict: David Ogden International Adventurers

and is currently writing a book  A-Z of Adventure Racing.


How to have fun, keep fit and travel the world, whilst expedition adventure racing. It's not the winning it’s the taking part and you can do it too.


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