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Get The Essential Beginner Adventure Racing Advice To Help You Enjoy Racing In The Shortest Possible Time.

How to have fun, keep fit and travel the world, whilst expedition adventure racing. It's not the winning it’s the taking part and you can do it too.

David Ogden
Thursday September 03, 2009

Hi Fellow: Adventure Racer,

USA Today amongst others has heralded adventure racing as one of the world's fastest growing sports, with competitors jumping at the chance; to mentally; and physically challenge&; themselves amid the spectacular backdrop of the great outdoors.

So, Just how do you get started, what is the minimum equipment you need, what kind of training is required , How are you going to train, find a team to work with so that you can compete non-stop, for many days over countryside that may require you to run, bike, trek, climb, orienteer, swim, horse ride, paddle, canoe, flat or white water in a sea kayak, ascend cliff faces, abseil down mountainsides and into caves, navigate, sail, inline skate and more.

If you are a Beginner Adventure Racing I would not recommend starting as I did with a full on Expedition Race, but rather a short race of a few hours, in these races all you generally need is ; mountain bike. Sprint races usually comprise of three basis elements, trail running, mountain biking and Kayak/Canoe, which is often provided by the organizers, so your start up costs are kept to a minimum, in fact you often don't even need to have a team.

                         The Webmaster Reunion Aventures 

You were the ones to make this an adventure

It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert you will learn a lot about yourself and will soon be undertaking activities, which you may have once thought were beyond you. Team dynamics will work to help you achieve your dreams. Soon it could be your face you see on screen as you seek to to complete a multi-day expedition race.

David Ogden is a master adventure racer with knowledge of the sport having raced against some of the best in the world, including such racers as John Howard, from New Zealand  and Ian Adamson from USA, during the Elf Authentique Adventure in the Philippines 1999. The Expedition Mata Atlantica 2002, in Brazil, saw his team twice help the then world Champions Team Nokia to win the race, on the first occasion providing them purified water and on the second occasion during the night redirecting them to the correct track leading to an abseil point.

David Ogden's team International Adventurers were the first International team to Race in South Africa in the 2002 Africa Quest and contributed to the recognition of Seconds (support crew) as part of an adventure racing team.  Gerard Fusil invited him  to report his Adventure races in Reunion, Reunion d’ Aventures (2004,2005) and his latest adventure race creation, Bike and Run, Oman Adventure 2005 and 2006. Expedition adventure racing is about taking on nature and the course Director and reaching the finish, often competing teams have to work together and pool their knowledge such as in 1999 when the team David Ogden was in led six other teams out of the largest cave in the Philippines, when they could not find the exit, for which they later were awarded the Friendliest Team Award.

                                Gerard Fusil  Brittany ,France 2003

The big and fantastic team International Adventurers at Reunion d’ Aventures – the Bad Guy Fusil

If you watch sports channels, you will have probably seen races such as the Raid Series, Southern Traverse or Eco Challenge or Primal Quest, This book is written by David Ogden, especially for the beginner adventure racing and explains how a normal person can challenge their body and mind and enjoy the outdoors.

                                    Primus Lambert Bristol UK, 2000
My thanks go to;
David Ogden first of all for putting the team together and coordinating the whole affair, without him we would have not taken part. I would also like to thank him for his commitment to us and his resolve during his, sometimes difficult times during the event. At the ripe old age of fifty-two he showed the kind of courage and determination that I can only aspire to. If a team ever needed a manager and if International Adventurers are to go on, which I hope we will, he would be my choice.

The A-Z of Adventure Racing will explain how to prepare and what to expect and even provide updated listing on where races are being held and other resources to help you enjoy the sport, It also provides numerous tips which will save you time and energy and improve your results from day one.



Substantial information on how to prepare for an adventure race  find out what you need to do before the race, choice of gear, training, planning and travel arrangements.


How to build a successful team - Team dynamics and team member roles are important, find out what works.

bullet beginner adventure racing

Solutions to your navigation problems  The Beginner Adventure racing need all the tips and tricks to enable you to find out where you and where you are going, the good and bad points of Global Positioning systems.


Discover how your adventure racing support team can influence your team’s results During a supported race, your support team or assistants can gain and loose you a lot of time as well as providing moral support.


How to make an adventure racing tow system  A team is only as fast as the slowest member, you will find out put together and use tow systems to improve your teams speed. Many Beginner Adventure Racing do not release how useful these systems are.

bullet beginner adventure racing

The explanation of the different types of races  A Beginner Adventure Racing need to be aware that there are many versions of adventure racing from sprints, stage races, urban and expeditions and these may be non stop or staged and some have score systems.


Where to race  Information is provided on where the major races  and series of races are located.


Instant access to the one stop source A-Z of adventure racing. In addition  to numerous articles covering the sport you will have links to other resources on the web.

                     Wayne McCarthy Aberdare, Wales -2003

David Ogden
To a remarkable “Authentique Adventurer” whom has given so much to many a true sportsman dedicated to adventure. It has been a great privilege to all of us to be part of your team, we wish you well and hope you have many more adventurous challenges and explorations. Thank you David most sincerely for making the race possible you have made a lifelong happy experiences for us to treasure always. You remain one of the few great pioneers a true leader.
Mercy Bien Team 16.- .

Bonus The A-Z of Adventure Racing is being published as an electronic book so that you can download and read it today, instead of having to wait three weeks for it to be delivered and as such it contains live information which will periodically be updated so for a one off cost $49.95 you will have a live reference manual on Adventure Racing.

The best-selling nutrition books: The Pocket Calorie, Fat and Counter and The Pocket Diary bulletBonus Adventure Training  Resources Ebook $10 Value

Provides tools and advise on how the Beginner Adventure Racing can keep records of fitness and training sessions.  Route planning and tracking tools, together with a list of trails suitable for training from worldwide sources.

Take a full 90 days to examine to this product, if you are not completely satisfied with the book in any way you are free to apply for a refund, at which time you will no longer have access to the book. You may however keep the added bonus.

The A-Z of Adventure Racing is available Now if wish to be one of the first to get your hands on this valuable resource please pay via the buttons below  and you will qualify for a 50% discount, Yes, that right I will give you the book for $19.99

David Ogden,
Team Manager/Adventure Racer/Reporter

P.S. Order today for just $19.99

David Ogden
CEO TheInterBiz LLC

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